Domestic Violence Support (Shine NZ)

On-Board-Kitchen=Domestic-Violence-Charity-Photo by Melanie Wasser

In Restricted Covid Alert Levels

During this time not all of us may be safe indoors. Domestic violence increases  each time we have to isolate at home. This is why we have connected with the amazing people at Shine to donate 3% of anything you purchase on our site. Every little bit counts.

Your donation supports the resources and wonderfull people who are making help available to anyone who isn’t feeling safe in their bubbles.

If you or someone you are concerned about is experiencing domestic abuse, you can get help.

If you are in danger call 111, if it isn't safe to speak, push 55 and you will be put through to Police.

Call Shine's helpline 0508 744 633


Open daily - 24 hours.

If you are in danger, you can leave your home to seek help.

You can read more and donate to this amazing charity on their website. Click Here.

Donation Update (1/06/22)





Photo by Melanie Wasser