Sustainability is a guiding principle at On Board Kitchen. This means perseverance of human health and the health of the planet. And for On Board Kitchen that looks like sourcing the highest quality organic and wholefoods from New Zealand farmers. It looks like using packaging that is easily decomposable or recyclable. And most importantly they care that our connections are sustained through memorable moments sharing food together



On Board Kitchen works with artisan suppliers all around New Zealand. They try their best to put these small businesses first before choosing conventional produce. Their organic and wholefood selection is curated from the founders experiences travelling the world and living in Europe (the cheese capital of the world).



On Board Kitchen works with sustainable brands for their cardboard boxes, wool insulation, jars, stickers, courier bags and even courier labels that are compostable. It's important to the team that the vehicle your food arrives in can be ethically disposed of.



Above all else, it is On Board Kitchen's mission to sustain the bonds we share between friends, family, colleagues and even people we don't know too well - yet. They want to keep the romance alive and the laughter flowing with their grazing services and products. And what is more important in this day and age than nurturing your connections, and what better way than grazing together on delicious food.